In the beginnning

Leaderbox was founded in the belief that leadership should spring from within a company, team, school, or project, and that any training should reflect the values and ethos of that particular organisation.

A system inspired by the ever changing leadership requirements of the modern world

Leaderbox was created to allow you to take charge of the leadership training within your own organisation, enabling delivery of these vital skills by your own staff to your own developing leaders.

Each exercise and scenario has the flexibility to be tailored to groups of varying sizes and abilities, yet works within a distinctive framework that directly targets key attributes of effective leadership.The system has been developed to ignite your own in-house training, eliminating the need for expensive external consultants or time consuming away-days. Leaderbox allows you to take charge of the leadership training within your company, team or school.

Leadership is not just about standing at the head of a team, it is as much about leading yourself, generating belief that you have what it takes to rise above your situation and your circumstances.

Monty Halls - Leaderbox Founder


The team behind the system

Leaderbox has been created by a team with decades of experience in leadership development in both the commercial and education sectors. Founder Monty Halls has been delivering team and leadership training to industry, elite sports teams, and schools for over twenty years. Project Director Mark Hale has held a number of high level management positions within education. The advisory panel consists of figures from Government, from industry, and from the nineteen pioneer schools and over three hundred headmasters and headmistresses who have advised and assisted the Leaderbox Education team.

The resultant system has been developed over an intense period involving hundreds of man hours, tens of thousands of pounds, and utilising many decades of leadership experience drawn from a number of key sectors.


Beyond the box

A support network that offers expert advice, updates, and shares best practice between participating schools.

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